Moisture Meters

We distribute range of moisture meters for both agricultural and industrial applications from the reputable manufacturers. We represent well renowned brands in international market including Sinar Technology of U.K and Kett of Japan. These units can measure moisture from small to large grains including Maize,Paddy, Rice, Wheat, Barley, Black Pepper, Mung Bean, Clove, Soybeans, Sunflower, Tea, Coffee, Peanuts, and Cashewnuts amongst the others.

Product Brief Description & Application Brochure
Sinar 6095 Grain Pro Portable, pre-calibrated for 17 agricultural commodities.An excellent portable tool as the primary moisture meter for a budget conscious grower.
Sinar AP6060 Portable, pre-calibrated for 6 commodities with temperature display and optional bulk density cylinder
Sinar 8100 Large Seed Analyser Solution to measure moisture and temperature in Large Seeds like Raw Cashews, Cashew Kernals, Palm Kernal Crumb and likes. Pre-calibrated for 7 commodities
Sinar SP6600 Moisture Probe Sack-Pro is the perfect product for anyone looking to measure the moisture content of commodities stored in sacks or bags. Pre-calibrated for any seven desired commodities.

Spraying Equipment

We distribute wide range of pesticides sprayers for both domestic and agricultural applications including Hand-held Sprayers, pressurized back-pack Manual Pumps, Thermal Foggers and Motorized Mist Dusters upto 5HP.

All our spraying equipment are sourced from reputable manufacturers and come with warranty. We also provide spare parts and servicing on request.

Safety And Protective Equipment

We supply personal protective equipment for protection against dust, chemical vapours and poisonous gases. These include Full Face Masks, Half-Face Masks, Mouth Masks, Filters, Hand Gloves, Gum Boots, Chemical Coveralls, Goggles and Helmets. Amongst the brands we supply include Drager and 3M.

We also deal with Fumigation Gas Measuring Equipment as part of our safety products including Phosphuma and Canary Silo Check for Phosphine Gas, Accuro Pumps and measuring tubes of various ppm for Phosphine and Methyl Bromide Gas.